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December 21, 2011

Apparently the uploader doesn’t allow .tif files, but no worries- I uploaded the file to my website:

You can download it here (right-click -> save as).

I re-scanned it at 600 dpi; if it needs any changes let me know (I also have the .psd file on my computer).


Lili’s Independent Project

December 20, 2011


Artist statement and bibliography can be found on the site.

Independent Project

December 19, 2011

A book that explores the various effects and techniques of altering images and text until we can no longer recognize or understand the content


Funny Words site

December 19, 2011

link to the site:


Claire Niebergall – Final Project – Mouseover

December 19, 2011

Sarah Shults project 4 artist statement and bibliography

December 19, 2011



            My research for this last project was focused on looking at the rules of typography. Over the years, typographers and designers have developed a set of rules or guidelines regarding type. These rules are used to determine if any section of type is well or poorly designed.

            When doing my research, Tom Felton’s book The Ten Commandments of Type, Type Heresy, had the most influence on my project. His book influenced me the most not because he explained the rules in the most depth or clearly but because he transformed the rules from rules to humorous pieces of valuable information. Inspired by Mr. Felton within this project I sought to also approach the rules of typography from a different but still humorous standpoint. Although it is easy to understand the rules of typography when looking at them, they are also easily forgotten midst project. To aid my self as well as other individuals who have the tendency to forget said rules I have created a series of images that accompany the rules and interpret them in a humorous way.

            I hope the humor and visual imagery helps the rules stick in the minds of future graphic design students.






Felton, Paul. The Ten Commandments of Typography; Type Heresy: Breaking the Ten Commandments of Typography. (New York: Merrell Publishers Limited, 2006).

Bringhurst, Robert. The Elements of Typographic Stle version 14. ( Point Roberts, Hartley & Marks Publishers, 2004).

“Simple Rules for Good Typography,” Fred Design accessed Nov. 30 2011,

“Typography Rules.” Typophile accessed Nov 28 2011.

Sarah Shults projects 1-4

December 19, 2011

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